Surprisingly only about one quarter of small and medium businesses in 2017 used email marketing to promote their business. When you consider that email is such an easy and cost effective way of keeping in touch with customers, it is surprising not more businesses are using email.

Spam Regulations may be the cause for the apprehension, but if done appropriately you can keep in contact with current clients or customers, and you can use email marketing in your marketing mix to reach out to new customers.

Keeping in touch

It is said that it costs 5 to 25 times more to acquire a new customer compared to the cost of retaining a customer. With that knowledge it is wise (and more cost effective) to keep in touch and keep your current customers updated with your businesses latest products or services.

It is also known as a “touchpoint”.
Ideally you want your business top of mind with your customers so when they want your product or service, better still when they hear another business is looking for your product or service, that you are the business contacted to assist.

How many of your clients or customers do you keep email information for?

You need to keep at least one contact for each business you deal with, multiple addresses if you deal with another area like an accounts department. Be careful though, sending your ‘keeping in touch’ emails to the accounts team is not appropriate email contact in most circumstances (unless they have expressly opted in to receive your marketing emails).

Recently I saw an unusual but clever use of email marketing, it was a sent by a poorly performing sporting team to their mailing list. The mailing list was made up of both paid club members and non-members or club supporters. The email was an apology for the poor team performance to date, and was clever because as a result they would have had a number of new member sign-ups and additional supporters visiting the final games of the season to support them.
Next year, it may even mean more member signups, although this is something that is likely unmeasurable.

Growing your business

Keeping in contact with current customers or clients is important, but for most businesses to succeed you will need new customers. There are many ways to do marketing, and email may be one of the most underused.

I read lots of articles and see topics like ‘Email Marketing is dead’, and can only think that there is a wariness due to the Spam Regulations. This is a good thing, especially considering that worldwide something like 85% of all email is spam.

Email Marketing should not be considered as the only marketing solution. It should be one ingredient amongst various things you do, and it should keep in the same branding and theme of your overall business. If you are an eCommerce store you should definitely be keeping in touch with customers via emails letting them know of special deals and offers – surprisingly less than 20% of eCommerce sites use email marketing to promote their business.

You need to be careful and cautious.

Express or Inferred Consent

Spam Regulations are quite specific. There are two types of consent you need to consider.

Express Consent is permission to send email, when someone is fully aware they are likely to receive email from you, by exchanging business cards, when you have spoken face to face or on the phone, or they have opted in via a tick box on your website. For these people you are free to contact them to send them information that they could reasonably expect you to send.

Inferred Consent is what could be considered the “grey area”. You may send a marketing email to a work related email address if that email address was published conspicuously in the public domain, if there was no statement saying no commercial messages wanted, and the message is directly related to the role or function of the email recipient.

A great rule to follow – if you are not sure you have permission, dont send an email.

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