You have seen the pics on social media, hamburgers oozing out with flavour, milkshakes which are more like a complete meal, and plates which look like a painted artwork.

So why do we see so many of these pics?

We have a need to receive social approval from our friends, and we post remarkable content in the hope our friends will think we are remarkable too. Whether it is a picture of food, a place we visited, or something else, we can represent our lifestyle via pictures.
Simply put, we share things that make us look good.

Is the awesome food or meal served to us only about making us feel amazing? Of course not.

The restaurant or cafe likes when you share pictures to your friends.
Turning a meal into an experience and something remarkable (or worthy of a social remark) is an important part of their marketing (and if not – should be). Word of mouth remains one of the best and most cost effective methods of marketing, over 90% of us will believe a genuine recommendation from a friend.

If you are a restaurant or cafe serving amazing food, make sure you have an easy to share hashtag and that it is clearly visible. The only thing better than having pictures shared is to have them tagged or including your logo. Recommendations are one of the best forms of advertising, and pictures shared to social media are great because it costs you nothing.

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