The cost of a website is often a concern for business owners.

A website is available 24 hours 7 days a week, informing people what you do, generating leads, and potentially helping your business in other ways – it truly is worth the investment. A good web design business will ensure your website reflects who your business is, and help you maximise what a website can do for you.

There are many mistakes you can make on your business website, from the format and content, to how easy it is to navigate and read as a visitor.

If your website is not performing at it’s best, are you missing customers?

We have chosen just a few mistakes that people make on their website.
Do any of these apply to you?

Not being Mobile-Friendly

This is the most important of all.

Today most people use a mobile device (phone or tablet) to access websites. If your website is not easily readable on a variety of devices, you not only harm your results in search engines, but you will also lose a lot of potential customers.

An expert will be able to set up your website so that all the images, text and links appear at the right size, are not too close together (which means they are easy to click on a mobile device) and maintain a professional looking website. Hiding content or having specifically sized images which load for mobile devices is quite common nowadays and make a big difference for your website visitors when they browse your website.

Lack of Contact Options

Can your website visitors easily find how to contact you via phone, and is the contact form on your site easy to complete?

As a minimum there should be a phone number on EVERY page of your website.

People visit your website to find out information and to contact you. If you make that difficult for them, you could be losing many new enquiries to your competitors.

No Call to Action

When a person visits your business website you must give them something to do – on every page.

Fill in a contact form, read an article, learn more about something, or call now, are all objectives you may have for your website visitors. Remember they have visited YOU, and the longer you can keep them on your website reading and browsing, the better. The more likely they will contact you too.

Provide a reason for visiting your website and an easy way to contact you, or the visitor will move on to your competitors. It is up to you to tell your potential customers what you want them to do!

Outdated Content

How long is it since you updated your website? If you consider your website is a “silent salesperson” for your business, it is important that it remains current, informative, and as helpful as any other staff member in your business.

If you have a new offer, a special deal, or have stopped offering a product/service, this should be updated on your website in a timely manner. Having out-dated information, old company logo or colors, presents your organisation in an unprofessional way. Keep your website simple and informative, don’t include price information or start a blog unless you intend to maintain this for the foreseeable future.

Typos, overusing Animations, and non-optimised Images

Does your business website load slowly, have spelling errors, have too many different fonts or colors?

All of these things present a business in a less than professional way.

Large Images and Animations (Flash is no longer acceptable), can detract from the website user experience. TWO SECONDS is how long your page should take initially load, after which a visitor should be able to read or do something.

Spelling mistakes is quite a common reason for someone to leave your website – this is one of the easiest things to fix.

If you make any of these mistakes, here is our “call to action” for you…

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